How to send campaign automation emails that failed (draft)




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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Todd,

    When an Email Send is in Draft, you should be able to click the Send button on it and manually trigger the send action. If you do that and still don't see the emails send out it could be that the ClickDimensions Execute Send workflow has been deactivated or your security role doesn't allow for you to send those emails out.


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    Todd Brotzman

    I can send them one by one, but there are over 200 of them.   I even tried ClickDimensions Execute Send workflow, but it did nothing with it, because it was not in status of Scheduled.  I am an admin so there are no security restrictions.


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    Kelly Sullivan

    Hi Todd,

    For further investigation on this or other issues, you'll want to submit a support ticket here. Also, for other experiencing similar behaving please reach out to our support team for investigation.

    Thank you!

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