InboxCast and Email Send owner




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    Matthew Wittemann

    Hi Jukka!

    There isn't any flag that indicates that it was an InboxCast unfortunately. They will always be created by the service user as you noted, but so would Email Sends from Nurtures, so there isn't a foolproof way to see that it was created from InboxCast. I have logged a feature request to have the owner set to the user who sent the email. You can vote for this here:

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    Jukka Niiranen

    Thanks for your reply, Matt. That would indeed be a useful feature to have in some future release.

    Regarding the process of how the records get created, would you say that if we look for an Email Send that is created by the ClickDimensions service account AND it has a marketing list associated with it then it would be an InboxCast email?

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    Matthew Wittemann

    Hi Jukka,

    Yes, I think that would be a safe bet. If you check that when the Email Send is created it immediately has an associated marketing list, then that would be an InboxCast email.

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