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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Hayden,

    The personalization menu that you can use in the email editors doesn't show a current list of existing fields unless you have published metadata. We rely on that action in order for us to get the information about the fields in your CRM environment so at times you may see a difference between the custom fields on your entities and what is available in the personalization menu.

    Regarding the error message, it does indicate that the field doesn't exist so you can check a few things on your end to make sure that everything is in order so the email can send with that info.

    First, check the account entity and confirm that the field is still visible there. It could have been deleted/unpublished from the entity but unless you've published metadata, 

    Second, if that field is still visible then you can check the schema name for that field and confirm that it matches the Freemarker interpolation. If the schema has changed for some reason then that would cause an error and the field would essentially not exist.

    If neither of these options help you resolve the issue, you are welcome to submit a support ticket.

    Kind regards,

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