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    Christopher Fairfax

    Hey Robert!

    Removing/adding someone to a marketing list via Campaign Automation will have no impact on their status within the Campaign Automation. A participant stops inside a Campaign Automation once they've exhausted the available steps within the automation. So, if you use a decision node to check the status of a field on the contact record, you could send those that have achieved the status you're looking for into a wait timer, and include nothing after the timer. They would go down that path, and, after waiting through the timer "stop". You can also manually stop a given participant from the "Participants" tab of the Campaign Automation builder.

    Decision nodes can check against lead and contact records as well as submitted web content records that are connected through a submitted form, submitted subscription, or submitted survey trigger. So, you can check responses from customers and action off of those within the automation.

    Does that answer your question?

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    Robert Picton

    Thanks Christopher, yes that's very helpful.

    So if people went on the negative path into a timer of any duration they could just sit there indefinitely (I could add a time delay of 12 months for example - in which time I should have switched off that campaign anyway) or I could just add in the step of 'Remove from List' after the timer. I hear what you say above about removal from the list not stopping them being a participant in the campaign automation, but in this instance that wouldn't matter as I have already taken them out of remaining communications by taking them down the negative pathway.



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