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    Emily Clever

    Hi Henrik,

    I see you have a support ticket open with our team for this issue. I'd recommend continuing to work with them, as the cause for this behavior can be different in every case. It's possible the email already processed out from our servers but your CRM hasn't updated, and it's also possible that something in the email template is preventing Email Send from processing correctly. Without more details to your specific case, it's hard to know what might be causing this behavior.

    For anyone else following this post, if you're experiencing similar behavior, please open a support ticket here


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    Henrik Wolff

    Thanks Emily,

    Well, it appears that it was indeed a server delay on the ClickDimensions side. E-mails were received 4 hours after I initially sent them out...! I really do hope this will be an one-off incident. A bit hard to time our email-sends otherwise... :-)

    Best regards,

    Henrik Wolff

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