Soft bounces on test-emails




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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Anneke,

    I checked on that error message and it's not necessarily referring to the subject line when it says "maximum line length exceeded." One source suggested that this message could be a result of the line length of the code making up the email. Depending on how your emails are being built, the resulting HTML/CSS could have some long lines of code and just need a hard line break or two within the code itself. I would mention that to whomever created the email and have them check on it for you. 

    Also, for future questions, the messages returned from bounces--like the one you shared above--can be searched online. There's typically documentation on sites like where they collate info on bounce and other undeliverable messages.

    Kind regards,

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    Leona Crean

    I'm getting this error messsage as well on a number of our contacts. Our emails are built using the Drag & Drop Editor. How do we address this to ensure our emails are delivering ?

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