Introduction to the Free Style Editor

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Using the Free Style Editor

Set Up Steps
  1. Layout Manager
  2. Image Manager
  3. Hyperlink Manager
  4. Personalize E-mail Content
  5. Insert Social Sharing Links
  6. Inbox Preview
Additional Functionality


To get started, click the Open Editor button under HTML Version in the template record or the Full Screen button on the ribbon.



To get started, click the Open Editor button under HTML Version in the template record or the Full Screen button on the ribbon.


If you've chosen the Free Style Editor when you created your Email Template, you can start by uploading and inserting an HTML layout with the Layout Manager, or by inserting a table, or just by starting to type and insert content. Add your images with the Image Manager, links to your documents with the Document Manager, personalize the emails with the recipients' names with the Dynamic Personalization, insert your View in HTML and Unsubscribe links and insert links to previously created Subscription Management pages, Surveys, and Landing Pages within the hyperlink manager.

You'll learn how to do all of these and more in this article.

Freestyle editor buttons labeled

Save: You must press the save button for anything to be saved in the editor.

NOTE: The Free Style editor will automatically check the formatting on any dynamic content you include in the Email Template when you click the Save button and alert you if there are any issues. This behavior is currently exclusive to the US Data Center; it will be available in the EU and AU Data Centers in the near future.

Inbox Preview: Allows you to see your email in many different browsers and mobile devices. Click here for more on the Inbox Preview.

Check FreeMarker: Click the Check FreeMarker button and the FreeMarker code included within your email template will be checked for errors, such as missing brackets or whether or not the field you are referencing exists. If the code can be processed, you will see an indication that there are no errors. This is available in both the Drag and Drop Editor and the Free Style Editor.

Paste as Plain Text: When pasting text from elsewhere, use this button to avoid extra spacing and formatting that you do not want.

Source: Shows the HTML behind the design. In this view you can edit the HTML or paste HTML code. Click this button again to get back to the design view.

NOTE: The HTML that is included automatically in a newly created template is included to help the email render properly under different email client display settings and should not be removed.

Preview: This view shows what the email will look like in the browser/email client.

Hyperlink Manager: Highlight text and press this button to hyperlink it. Here you can use a regular URL, create a mail-to link, link to dial a phone number, anchor link, link to a file, insert unsubscribe, insert the view in browser links, or links to Web Content created in ClickDimensions (Profile Management Forms, Surveys, or Landing Pages). More about the Hyperlink Manager here.

Anchors: Select the text where you want to jump down to with the anchor and click the anchor button to name it. Then use the hyperlink manager on text somewhere in the email above this and that will allow for the user to jump down from the top text to the bottom.

Personalization: Insert dynamic personalization from fields on Lead, Contact, and Account records that  you will be sending to.

Image Manager: Click here to insert images into your template. Use the Image Manager to add hyperlinks to images as well.

Layout Manager: Upload and use previously uploaded layouts to start your template. The Layout Manager is described here.

Insert Table: Select this to inert a table with the number of cells you need.

Horizontal Rule: Adds a line where you cursor is placed.

Social Sharing: Opens the dialog to insert social sharing icons for the recipients to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Learn more here.

Image Map Editor: Mark only certain areas of an image as a hyperlink.

Feature Added: Original
Feature Updated: 8.12.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: Any
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