Introduction to FreeMarker with ClickDimensions

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What is FreeMarker? 

FreeMarker code is, in essence, a "template engine" designed to generate text output based on templates and changing data.  It's meant to prepare the data to display in real programming language.

With ClickDimensions, you can use FreeMarker code when creating email templates to dynamically change to reference the Owner, Lead, Contact, and Account records to whom you’re sending the email to.  When you add FreeMarker code to an Email Template, you are creating a FreeMarker template; your code specifies how the data will be displayed.  When you send the email, FreeMarker grabs the appropriate prepared data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and displays it as you have it specified.

How can I use FreeMarker with ClickDimensions?

All of ClickDimensions' dynamic content is done with FreeMarker code.  You can pull data from a CRM record into an email via personalization menus, dynamic content in links, manually add your own FreeMarker statements, and connections list.  You can use if-statements to show or hide content sections based on data in a CRM record.

NOTE: FreeMarker code is considered third-party code that will work with the ClickDimensions solution. ClickDimensions can offer only limited support with FreeMarker-related questions.

FreeMarker and ClickDimensions

  1. Syntax and Interpolations
  2. Personalization Menu
  3. If/Else Statements
  4. Restrictions with FreeMarker
  5. Understanding Basic Render Errors
  6. Common Uses

Extra Resources about FreeMarker

  1. What is FreeMarker?
  2. FreeMarker Manual
  3. FreeMarker Programmer's Guide

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Feature Updated: 6.7.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 6.7.0
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