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LinkedIn is one of several social profiles that can be integrated with the ClickDimensions Social Marketing feature powered by Oktopost. Connecting to these social profiles will allow you to create, schedule, and publish social posts from within your Dynamics environment, as well as track the interactions people have with these posts.  Click here to learn more about ClickDimensions Social Marketing.  You can connect to a LinkedIn company profile, and/or a LinkedIn personal profile using the provided connectors.

After setting up the connector, it is required to have a CNAME set up for Social Marketing purposes.  Click here for instructions on how to set this up.

Once your CNAME is set up for Social Marketing, navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > click Connectors.



A new window will open and show you the current connectors you have set up for this Dynamics environment. Click +ADD to choose a new connector.


A new window will open and show you a menu of current available connectors to set up.  Select from the following options for LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Profile: Sign in and authorize the connector to create, schedule, and publish social posts to a singular person's LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company: Sign in and authorize the connector to create, schedule, and publish social posts to a company's LinkedIn account If this is the first time you are connecting your social profiles, then you are prompted to include the first name, last name, and email address of the User who will be controlling these social profiles.  You may choose only one User for these details.

NOTE: It is recommended that this User is the person leading these social marketing efforts, as we will be sending communications, including re-authentication messages, to this email address.

Once you have entered in the required information and indicated that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, click Connect.

You are then prompted to access the LinkedIn account you are currently signed into. ClickDimensions Social Marketing is powered by Oktopost. Sign in to authenticate the connection.


Once this connection is authenticated, you will see a success message.  You can then click to learn how to post to the LinkedIn Profile using this connector, click to set up another connector, or close the window.


The connectors window will now show the active LinkedIn Profile connector with the other connectors set up for your Dynamics environment.


NOTE: Once you have set up one of the LinkedIn connectors and intend to set up the other, simply choose it from the list of available connectors.  If you are logged into the intended LinkedIn account, you will be immediately redirected to a success message.

You are now ready to create a social post!

Feature Added: 8.8
Feature Updated: 8.8
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.8
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