Find Your Way Around the Landing Page FreeStyle Editor

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If you're designing your Landing Page, and you chose Free Style for your editor, this is the editor you will see. The buttons are described below.

landing page freestyle editor labeled

Save: You must click the save button for anything to be saved within the editor.

Embed: Click this button to access the URL or code to put the live page on your site. Read more about embed options here.

Source: Shows the HTML behind the design. In this view you can edit the HTML or paste HTML code. Click this button again to get back to the design view.

Preview: This view shows what the page will look like in the browser.

Paste as Plain Text: When pasting text from elsewhere, use this button to avoid extra spacing and formatting that you do not want. This is recommended any time text is being copied from another source and pasted into this designer.

Hyperlink Manager: Highlight text and click this button to hyperlink it. Here you can use a regular URL, create an mail to link, link to a phone number that is dialed when clicked, anchor link, link to a file, or links to Web Content created in ClickDimensions (Forms, Surveys, or other Landing Pages).

If you wish to upload files, this can be done 2 ways: click Upload a File and select one or multiple files from your computer, or drag and drop the files from your computer into the designated drop space.

Anchors: Select the text where you want to jump down to with the anchor and click the anchor button to name it. Then use the hyperlink manager on text somewhere in the page above this and that will allow for the user to jump down from the top text to the bottom.

Image Manager: Click here to insert images into your Landing Page. You can also either upload files directly from your computer, or drag and drop these files into the designated upload space.

Layout Manager: Upload and use previously uploaded layouts to start your template. The Layout Manager is described here.

Insert Table: Select this to inert a table with the number of cells you need.

Horizontal Rule: Adds a line where you cursor is placed.

NOTE: iFrame code snippets for other records, such as forms or videos, can be added onto a Freestyle landing page. However, the iFrame's content will not display within the editor window; it will only display when accessing the live version of the landing page.
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