ClickDimensions for Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, the notion of 'Apps' has been introduced for the Dynamics environment.  In version 8.8, ClickDimensions has now created a specific solution file for customers deploying in Dynamics 365.  How this can be viewed is different depending on if the Dynamics 365 environment is online or on-premise.

Click the down arrow next to Dynamics 365 and click the ClickDimensions option.


You will then be redirected to a welcome dashboard that looks like this:


From the Email and Messaging top ribbon option, click the arrow and you can see all of the ClickDimensions items, as well as the Dynamics entities that we interact with.


If you click Web Content And Analytics, you will see more ClickDimensions entities related to this topic.


Click Settings, and you will see settings-related ClickDimensions entities.

365 cd settings

Navigate to Dynamics Settings and click My Apps.


From My Apps, you will see ClickDimensions, as well as other apps that you may have installed within your environment.


If you click on ClickDimensions, you will be redirected to a welcome dashboard.  Click Email and Messages at the top ribbon, where you can navigate through the various ClickDimensions entities, as well as Dynamics CRM entities that we interact with.

2017-07-11_14-40-55 2017-07-11_14-45-03

Click Web Content And Analytics to see more of these related ClickDimensions entities.


Click Settings, and you will see settings-related ClickDimensions entities.


Feature Added: 8.9
Feature Updated: 8.9
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.9
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