Unsubscribes and the CAN-SPAM Act

In 2003, the United States passed the CAN-SPAM act to prevent citizens from receiving unsolicited and disrupting spam messages through email. The following is a basic summary of the major points of the bill.

All emails must have:

  • An obvious unsubscribe link
  • A truthful and accurate subject line and from email address
  • The street address of the company sending the email
  • Warnings for adult content (if applicable)


  • Emails must be sent through legitimate means to legitimately acquired email addresses
  • Unsubscribes must take effect in 10 days
  • Suppression Lists must be used properly

We enforce these principles by requiring all emails sent to 500 recipients or more to include some type of unsubscribe link before they can be sent out. For more information on how ClickDimensions uses unsubscribes, click here.

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