Error: "Metadata Contains A Reference That Cannot Be Resolved"

NOTE: This article pertains to CRM 2011+ On-Premise environments.

When registering for the ClickDimensions solution, you may see one of the following error messages:

"Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved: 'https:///2011/XrmServices/Organization.svc'"

"Failed to connect to MS CRM. Please check your input and try again. Error: Data[0] = "The provided uri did not return any Service Endpoints! {0}" Data[1] = "")

This is due to a misconfiguration of your CRM's IFD (Internet-Facing Deployment) or external connectivity for your CRM. When registering for ClickDimensions, our system performs a connectivity check to ensure that it can communicate with your CRM. It is always recommended to try attempting to access and login from outside of your internal network to help confirm if this is an issue with the IFD setup or the external connectivity of your CRM environment.

There are two common causes for these errors:

  1. Multiple bindings on the CRM website, such as both an HTTP (port 80) binding, and a HTTPS (port 443) binding. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and later versions, Microsoft only supports a single binding for the HTTP protocol. According to Microsoft: “The Web site should have a single binding. Multiple IIS bindings, such as a Web site with an HTTPS and an HTTP binding or two HTTPS or two HTTP bindings, are not supported for running Microsoft Dynamics CRM.” To resolve this, you must remove the extra binding(s). On the CRM web server, open IIS and select the CRM website. Click on the "Bindings" link on the right to edit the bindings. If you plan on using HTTPS for connectivity to your CRM, and there is also an HTTP binding, remove the HTTP binding.

  2. The other common cause is having an incorrect value set for CRM's Organization Web Service in the CRM Deployment Manager. (You can quickly tell if this is the case by looking at the URL returned in the error message. If the CRM server is not an externally-resolvable address, and shows just the name of your CRM server, for example, this indicates an incorrect value for the Organization web service address.) To correct this, log onto the CRM server as a Deployment Administrator and open the CRM Deployment Manager. (Note: A "Deployment Administrator" is not the same thing as a user with the System Administrator role.) In the Deployment Manager, right-click "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" and click on Properties. In the dialog that opens, click the Web Address tab. Verify that the value in the Organization Web Service address is one that will be externally resolvable, such as, or, or (It should not contain the internal server name of your CRM server.)

NOTE: Self-signed certificates are not supported. HTTPS connections must be made with certificates issued by a Trusted Certificate Authority.

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