Error: "Wrong orgname value" error on the ClickDimensions Settings page

You may see an error like the following when navigating to the ClickDimensions Settings page in one of your CRM environments:


Cause: There are two possibilities for this error:

  1. Your CRM sitemap has been migrated from another environment that also contains ClickDimensions
  2. The wrong ClickDimensions solution has been imported into CRM or the CRM database from another environment has been migrated over to this one

How can I tell which option applies to my case?

We have highlighted the CRM URL and the accountKey value in the above screenshot. Each ClickDimensions solution is generated for one organization only and includes an accountKey value that is unique for that organization only and embedded throughout the solution. So, if you have imported a ClickDimensions solution into your test organization that was originally meant for your production organization, then any ClickDimensions pages that access design or other content on our end would have the same wrong accountKey as in the ClickDimensions Settings page error and you would not be able to access the page. An example of one of our design pages is the Full Screen version of an Email Send record. You will see it as a button called Full Screen on the ribbon of any Email Send record. When you choose it, the resulting page's URL will include an accountKey value. If you can access our design pages but just not the ClickDimensions Settings page, then it's probably just the sitemap that's affected.


  1. If you only migrated the sitemap from another environment, then you can export the sitemap, edit the "accountKey" value on our ClickDimensions Settings URL and then re-import the sitemap and publish all customizations. In this case, you can get the correct accountKey from the URL of the Full Screen version of an Email Send record. Here is an example of what the ClickDimensions Settings URL will look like in the exported sitemap: Url=" ACCOUNTKEY HERE". Here is an article that will walk you through exporting the sitemap out of CRM and here is an article that includes the ClickDimensions sitemap code for reference.
  2. If the CRM database was migrated from another environment or the wrong solution was imported, then you will need to import the correct ClickDimensions solution and refresh. Follow instructions here for installing. You can also contact Support if you need assistance.
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