Building Marketing Lists Based on ClickDimensions Activity

Marketing Lists are a native CRM entity, but they are used extensively with a number of ClickDimensions features, such as Email Sends, forms, and Campaign Automations. Further still, customers often want to build new marketing lists comprised of customers of theirs who have all performed a certain ClickDimensions-tracked activity, such as clicking a link in a prior email, submitting a form, or visiting a certain page on their website. These lists can all be populated with minimal effort by employing the power of CRM’s Advanced Find tool to track down all of the recipients who belong in the list.

NOTE: Marketing lists are native to CRM and are not a part of the ClickDimensions solution, so technical assistance we can provide for them is limited.

Adding Members to a Marketing List

CRM provides a general use Advanced Find tool, but the same functionality is also available by clicking “Manage Members” at the top of a marketing list record. If you are using a static list, you will click Manage Members, then choose Add using Advanced Find in the pop up window.


If you are using a dynamic list, then clicking Manage Members will directly open the Advanced Find window.


Advanced finds can look for not only data on the recipient’s record, such as their first name or email address, but can also looks for records that are associated with the recipient. This functionality is key in building marketing lists based on ClickDimensions-tracked actions because these will all be record as records in CRM that are associated with the lead or contact that performed them. We will use associated Email Events, Posted Fields, and Page Views in the following advanced find examples so that marketing lists can be populated with recipients that clicked a certain link, gave a certain response on a form, or visited a certain page on your website respectively.

Building a Marketing List based on Clicks

A common grouping for marketing lists is all contacts who responded in a certain way on a previous email. For example, contacts who clicked a specific link. Utilizing the following advanced find will return a list of every contact who received a specific Email Send (“Thanks for your interest” in this case), and who also clicked a specific link within that email ("").


If the link you are interested in is used on multiple emails and it doesn’t matter from which email the link was clicked, the condition check for the name of the Email Send can be left out.

Building a Marketing List Based on Form Submissions

Marketing lists may also be created for contacts who have submitted a certain form or given a specific reply on a form field. An advanced find can be used to build a list of contacts who submit a form, but a more streamlined approach is to make use of the Add to Marketing List action within the ClickDimensions form editor. This action can be used to have a contact automatically added to one or more marketing lists when the associated form is submitted. This action will fire every time the form is submitted and is not dependent on the responses given in the form.


If the response to a specific field on the form is what is important in determining which marketing list a contact is added to, this is another scenario in which using CRM’s Advanced find will be the best course of action. Using an Advanced Find like the one below will allow you to check for contacts who gave a specific response (“Product A”) to a specific question on a form (“Which product are you interested in?”)


Building a Marketing List Based on Page Views

Like clicks and form submissions, marketing lists can also be populated with contacts who have visited a specific page on your website. An advanced find can be set up to accomplish this in a few ways. The example below finds any contacts who have an associated Page View record where the url is “” and also the page title “Products”. This works fine, but searching for only the url or only the page title would be sufficient, assuming both values are unique on your website.


Automating Marketing List Member Updates

In addition to taking advantage of CRM's Advanced Find functionality to populate marketing lists, ClickDimensions also employs a few more automated processes for updating lists. For example, the Campaign Automation builder includes an Update Marketing List Action that can be used to automatically add a participant in the Campaign Automation to a specified marketing list.


The ClickDimensions solution also includes a custom Update Marketing Lists Assembly for CRM workflows that allow members to automatically be added to static marketing lists. Both of these options can be used in the larger context of a Campaign Automation or CRM workflow respectively to add new members to marketing lists based upon ClickDimensions-tracked actions, such as clicking a link in an email or submitting a form.

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