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Submitted Form Icon

The Submitted Form trigger may be used as an Entry Point Trigger or as an Internal Trigger. If the trigger is an entry point and a contact or lead has filled out the selected form, the Campaign Automation will begin. Add a Submitted Form trigger to the canvas and click on the node. You will see the right panel change to show the properties of this trigger.

Submitted Form Properties - empty

Display Name (required): Once you select a form this will change automatically to the name of that form, however you may change it to whatever you would like.

Select form (required): Choose an already created Web Content form or Form Capture. For help on how to create a form builder form see here.

form trigger web content or form capture

Campaign: If you set a campaign on the Campaign Automation record this field will be populated with that campaign. You can also choose a different CRM campaign to associate here. This will set the Campaign field on the Posted Form record.

Note: A note is an optional field for any details that need to be written about the trigger.

Submitted Form Properties

NOTE: A form can only be used with one published Campaign Automation at a time. If, in a second Campaign Automation, you attempt to select a form that is already in use and save it, an error message such as the one below will appear to indicate in which Campaign Automation the form is being used:
campaign automation form error popup

Now connect the Submitted Form trigger to at least one series.  

Feature Added: 7.0
Feature Updated: 8.5.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
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