CRM 2016 appundefined Error

Some customers on CRM 2016 with ClickDimensions version 8.2.0 or higher may encounter the following error when using certain ClickDimensions features:


Why does it occur?

This error occurs because the ClickDimensions solution file for CRM 2016 is a generic file and retrieves the Account Key and Data Center from the settings.xml file. ClickDimensions URLs are created dynamically using a web resource (cdi_settings.xml) and Javascript (cdi_loadcdsettings). The error occurs when attempting to access a ClickDimensions function, such as sending a Quick Send email, from a custom form for a ClickDimensions entity or the Lead, Contact, Account, or Marketing List entities, which doesn’t contain the cdi_loadcdsettings script.

How to fix it:

1. Confirm if you are using a custom form on your entity.


2. Open the Form Editor for your entity using the Form button.

NOTE: Not all CRM users will have the necessary security privileges to access the Form Editor, so you may need to ask your CRM administrator for assistance.


3. Within the Form Editor, click Form Properties, and in the resulting pop-up window, confirm if the cdi_loadcdsettings script is present on the form.


4. If the script is not present, add the script to the Form Libraries area using the Add button.


5. Save and publish the form. Refresh the page in CRM.

6. Try the originally affected feature again.

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