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The Email Interaction trigger may be used as an Entry Point Trigger or an Internal Trigger. If the trigger is an entry point an Email Send draft will be selected and then sent when the Campaign Automation is Published. It will then check to see which contacts click or open that email. If the trigger is an internal trigger it will check for clicks or opens on any selected email(s) sent in the preceding series via Send Email actions. Add an Email Interaction trigger to the canvas and click on the node. You will see the right panel change to show the properties of this trigger.

Email Interaction Properties - empty

Display Name (Required): Type a Display Name to show on the canvas.

Select Email Send (Required): Choose a draft Email Send. Before you publish this Campaign Automation make sure to add recipients to your Email Send. Split Test Email Sends cannot be used with Email Interaction Triggers

Note: A note is an optional field for any details that need to be written about the trigger. Select which interaction to monitor:

  • Email Clicked: If checked, you will be given the option to choose which links to look for.
  • Email Opened (without click): Check this if you want to do something if someone opens the email but never clicks

Selecting an interaction If Email Clicked is checked, a link to select which links will appear.

Select which links

Click this and a window will open with the email chosen in the Email Send lookup.

Campaign Automation Builder Select Links Window

Select one link, several links, or all links. If any one of the links selected is clicked, this trigger will be activated.  This includes links used within image mapped images within the email template.

NOTE: If you have a series that includes multiple Send Email actions followed by an Email Interaction trigger, you have the option to tell the Email Interaction trigger to check for clicks on one or more of the emails that were sent in the preceding series. However, it's important to understand that setting one Email Interaction trigger to check for clicks in multiple emails is using AND logic. In order to go to the Positive Path, at least one link must be clicked in each email that the Email Interaction Trigger is checking for. If links are only clicked in one (or some) of the emails that the Trigger is checking, then the Participant will go down the negative path. To use OR logic, multiple Email Interaction triggers will need to be used, each of which is checking for clicks within one of the preceding emails.

If Email Opened (without click) is ALSO checked, you may select the amount of time to wait for AFTER the participant has opened the email to see if they click first. For example, if you set this timer to 2 days, and the participant opens the email after 1 day but does not click, it will wait 2 days before proceeding down the positive path because of the open. However, if the participant clicks during that 2 days, it will immediately proceed down the positive path because of the click. If you do not select a time it will just wait to see if the recipient interacted in any way and when they do, it will immediately proceed down the positive path.

Open Also Selected

If Email Opened (without click) is the only one checked it will just wait to see if the email was opened.

Only Open

Upon clicking in the canvas, you changes will be saved. To edit the node's properties, simply click on the node and make any necessary changes.

NOTE: There is a 1:1 relationship between Email Templates and Campaign Automations. This means that an Email Template can only be used within a trigger in one published Campaign Automation at a time. If, in a second Campaign Automation, you attempt to select an Email Template that is already in use and save it, an error message stating in which Campaign Automation the template is already in use will appear. However, the same Email Template can be sent via a Send Email Action within multiple Campaign Automations.

Now connect the Email Interaction trigger to at least one series.

Feature Added: November 2015
Feature Updated: 8.6.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
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