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The Added to List trigger may be used as an Entry Point Trigger or as an Internal Trigger. If this trigger is an entry point, any time a contact or lead is added to the specified static-type marketing list, that contact or lead will enter the campaign automation. To use the Added to List trigger, drag and drop the Added to List trigger to the canvas, and click on the node. You will see the right panel change to show the trigger's properties.

Display Name (required): Once you select a list the Display Name will change automatically to the name of that form. However, you may change it to whatever you would like.

The participant was added to the following Marketing List (required): Use the lookup to select an existing static-type marketing list. The trigger will run based on the list selected.

Run on entire list: this will run everyone on the marketing list selected and those who are added after the Campaign Automation is published. This option is only available before the Campaign Automation is published; after the Campaign Automation is published, this option is no longer available to select. If Run on entire list is checked, once the Campaign Automation has been activated, this field as well as the Marketing List lookup field will be made read only.

Note: A note is an option field for any details that need to be written about the trigger.

CA run on entire list

In this example, the trigger is set to run when a contact is added to the "Newsletter - Contacts" marketing list. Because this is set up as an entry point, any time a contact is added to the "Newsletter - Contacts" marketing list, the contact will enter this automation and the automation will begin to run for the added contact.

NOTE: If 'Run on entire list' is NOT checked and you select a marketing list that already contains leads/contacts, the Campaign Automation will not run on the existing list members when it is published. The Campaign Automation will only run on members added to the list after it is published.
NOTE: ClickDimensions has become aware of a bug in Microsoft CRM that can prevent Campaign Automations from being executed against a record that is added to a marketing list using CRM’s “Add Members Using Advanced Find” and/or "Copy to Marketing List"method. If you choose "Add only the selected members to the marketing list" this will work. But if you choose "Add all the members returned by the search to the marketing list", it will not send the required message to CRM that is needed to trigger our nurture program. Microsoft is aware of this issue but has not provided an ETA on a fix. Meanwhile, the following methods of adding contacts or leads to marketing lists work fine to trigger the Campaign Automations associated with the marketing list:
  • Add marketing list members via Look-up
  • Add marketing list members via running an Advanced Find then using the “Add to Marketing List” button on the Advanced Find Results page
  • Add marketing list members via the “Add to Marketing List” action on web content records
  • Add marketing list members to a static list using a workflow. You can see how to do so here.
  • Add marketing list members using the ClickDimensions import tool.
NOTE: If a lead or contact who is already a participant in a Campaign Automation is re-added to the designated marketing list, either manually or through an automated process, the Added to List Trigger will create another instance of that lead or contact as a participant and run them through the Campaign Automation again.

Upon clicking in the canvas, you changes will be saved. To edit the node's properties, simply click on the node and make any necessary changes. Now connect the Add to List trigger to at least one series.

Feature Added: November 2015
Feature Updated: October 2016
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
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