Clone a Campaign Automation

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After you create a Campaign Automation, you may want to use the same information to create another Campaign Automation. You can duplicate the Campaign Automation so that everything from the original Campaign Automation is placed into a new Campaign Automation. This is the best way to create a Campaign Automation similar to one you’ve already built.

On the Campaign Automation record you'd like to clone, click the Clone button on the ribbon.

CAB Clone Button

A new window will open with the new, cloned record of the original Campaign Automation. A [CLONE]: tag will appear in front of the name. You can edit this to change the name to whatever you like.  Save the record in order to save the clone and make changes to the Campaign Automation.

Cloned CAB

Feature Added: 8.1.0
Feature Updated: 8.2.1
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.2.1
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