Campaign Automation: Submitted Survey Trigger

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The Submitted Survey trigger may be used as an Entry Point Trigger or as an Internal Trigger. If the trigger is an entry point and a contact or lead has submitted the selected survey, the Campaign Automation will begin. Add a Submitted Survey trigger to the canvas and click on the node. You will see the right panel change to show the properties of this trigger.

submitted survey trigger settings

Display Name (required): Once you select a survey, this will change automatically to the name of that survey, however you may change it to whatever you would like.

Select Survey (required): Choose an already created Web Content survey. For help on how to create a survey, see here.

Note: A note is an optional field for any details that need to be written about the trigger.

submitted survey trigger settings 2

Now connect the Submitted Survey trigger to at least one series.

Feature Added: 8.6.0
Feature Updated: 8.6.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
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