Introduction to CNAMEs

CNAMEs (Canonical Name Records) are used to brand links used with ClickDimensions content with your company's domain name rather than ClickDimensions'. Email links, links to ClickDimensions Web Content records, and Social Post links can all have CNAMEs created to brand them differently. Whereas an Email link CNAME is recommended but not required for correct link functionality, both Web Content and Social CNAMEs must be set up for their corresponding content to function properly.


Setting up CNAMEs Video Tutorial

Watch this 5-minute video to understand how CNAMEs can help you brand your ClickDimensions setup:


CNAME examples

Email Link CNAME Example

Here's an example of a CNAME that was set up to brand links in emails using the domain:


Web Content CNAME Example

Here's an example of a form that's hosted by ClickDimensions, but looks like it's on the website:


Social CNAME Example

Here's an example of a Social CNAME set up under DNS Settings:



How do I set up CNAMEs?

Setup Steps

  1. Email CNAME
  2. Web Content CNAME
  3. Social CNAME
  4. DNS Host Set-up Guide

Additional Information

  1. Setup Multiple Email CNAMEs
  2. Troubleshooting CNAMEs
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