Profile Management

Profile Management allows you to put a link to a form in your emails that will pre populate with that Contact or Lead's information. This means you can show them what information you already have and let them update the current information and/or add new information. Read or watch the video.

NOTE: For the form to prepopulate the form must be accessed via a direct link in an email sent via ClickDimensions; this will not work embedded on another page. This blog post discusses how to prepopulate a form embedded onto another page as an iframe, but since this requires custom code, we cannot provide technical support for this method.

Start by creating a Form or just opening one you've already created (Settings > ClickDimensions > Web Content).

In the Designer of the Form you'll see two buttons Lead Attributes and Contact Attributes:


Click on the one that refers to the type you'll be sending to (or both). You'll be able to add which fields will be on this form or any other form you'll be using Profile Management with.


IMPORTANT: Every form does not have different Attributes. No matter which form you open the Attributes you've added will be the same. So, don't change the Attributes for each form, just add any additional fields if you create another Profile Management Form.

Make sure all fields that you want to update are set to Override in CRM. (Go to the Properties of that field in the Designer).

Now Save your Attributes and Save the Designer.

When you're creating your Email Template, you need to insert the Profile Management link. To do this click on the Hyperlink Manager button.


Then click on the Web Content Tab and choose your Form from the list on the left.

Hyperlink PM

This will produce a list of all Forms you've created. Choose the correct form and a link will be inserted into the email.

Now when you send out the email and someone clicks on the link, their information will already be in the fields if it is in CRM.

NOTE: Profile Management data is not immediately available for a new lead or contact as it can take several minutes for profile data to be available to sync. For example, if you send an auto-response email to a new lead, and the auto-response email contains a profile management link, the lead's profile data will not be pre-populated. Also note that the synchronization of the data occurs at the time an email with a profile management link is sent. This means that no matter how long the lead waits to click the link in the auto-response, the data will not be pre-populated.

Updating an Email Address via Profile Management

If the customer uses a profile management form to update their email address, it will place that new email address in the Email Address 2 or Email Address 3 field (whichever is blank starting with Email Address 2). If you want the customer to be able to change their Email Address and have the new value mapped to Email Address 1 in CRM, create one field on the form that is labelled something like "Previous Email Address", set that as an Email-type field, map it to the lead/contact Email Address 1 Field (this field will be autopopulated), and make the field read only. Create a second field on the form that is labelled something like "New Email Address", set that as a Text-type field, and map it to the Lead or Contact record. In our example we mapped to Email Address 2. Next, create a workflow like the one shown below.

profile management update email 1 workflow 1

profile management update email 1 workflow 2

The workflow checks for a posted field labeled New Email Address, waits for 5 minutes to allow the lead or contact record to update, checks whether the form field was filled out by a lead or contact, then replaces the preexisting email address on the corresponding record with the new address in Email Address 2. This will not work on CRM 4.0 because it does not associate posted fields with leads and contacts.

profile management update email 1 workflow 3

Here's an example of that "swap step" where we update the contact record. In our example, we're mapping the new email to Email Address 2 on the contact. Then we use dynamic content from the right-hand menu to choose the contact's Email Address 2 and to place it into the Email Address 1 field.


This will update the lead/contact record with the new information.

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