Set Up GoToWebinar Integration

To set up integration with GoToWebinar, first click on the arrow by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and choose Settings > ClickDimensions Settings.

Within the settings, click Connectors.

A new screen will pop up. Click Add Connector here.

Then click GoToWebinar.

On the next screen you'll fill out your settings.

To get started, you'll need to navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions > ClickDimensions Settings and click Connectors towards the bottom right.


A new screen will pop up. Click Add Connector here.


Then click GoToWebinar.


On the next screen you'll fill out your settings.


Create Lead or contact for unknown registrants: This will choose how anyone who registers who is not already in your CRM will be added to your CRM. You can choose to have them saved as Leads or Contacts. If the email address already exists on a Lead or Contact then the Event Participation and Event records will be connected to that existing Lead/Contact.

Send reminder email to this address when GoToWebinar authorization expires: Supply an email address here to notify when the connection expires. GoToWebinar will ask you to re-authenticate your credentials one year after setting up the connection with ClickDimensions.

Click Next. Fill in your information to log in.


Signing into your GoToWebinar account through this portal will confirm the connection with the GoToWebinar service.

NOTE: A trial GoToWebinar account cannot be used with our GoToWebinar connector.

Once the connection to GoToWebinar is established, the connector will pull information into your CRM about upcoming webinars and webinars from the previous three months for which the organizer of the webinar is the same user as the one used to sign into GoToWebinar in the connector.

To see where GoToWebinar related records are displayed in your CRM, see the GoToWebinar Records article.

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