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The Campaign Response Action is used in Campaign Automations to create a Campaign Response within a specified CRM Campaign record.  Campaign Responses allow you to record replies you get from potential customers to a specific marketing campaign to make sure your team can act on the responses.  You can measure the success of specific campaign activities based on their response rates. ClickDimensions offers a Campaign Response action in the ClickDimensions Form builder, Survey builder, and Subscription Management Page builder -- but the Campaign Response action within the Campaign Automation builder offers some more exciting features! Actions can be added to the canvas individually, or they can be included within Series. To add the Campaign Response action, drag and drop it on the canvas. Click the node to edit the properties.


All of the following fields (except Display Name and Notes) will be mapped to the new Campaign Response record created because of this action:

Display Name (required): The display name is entered by default, however you can change the display name to anything you like.

Campaign (required): This is the CRM Campaign that the Campaign Response will be associated with.

Assign to Participant's Owner: Check this box if you want to assign the Campaign Response record to the user who owns the lead or contact record of the participant.

Assign to User (required): Use the lookup field to select a user to assign to the Campaign Response record.

Subject (required): This is the subject of the Campaign Response.

Description: This is the description of the Campaign Response.

Response Code: By default, this will be set to 'Interested', but this can be changed to indicate 'Not Interested', 'Do Not Send Marketing Materials', or 'Error' instead.

Channel: This is the marketing channel you can indicate to follow up with: Email, Phone, Fax, Letter, Appointment, and Others.

Priority:  Select which priority suits this task. You can choose from high, normal, and low. High is automatically selected.

Promotion Code: If you would like to associate this Campaign Response with a promotion code, enter it here.

Close By: Choose to close this either on a specified date and time, or in a certain specified time frame.

Time Zone:  This is the time zone for the details selected in the 'Close By' setting above.

Outsourced Vendor: This allows you to access a lookup field to Contact or Account records to associate an outsourced vendor you may wish to associate with this Campaign Response.

Note: Use this area to annotate any other details internally you may wish to include about this action step within your Campaign Automation.

To view these Campaign Responses, locate your CRM Campaign under the CRM Marketing menu, open the CRM Campaign record, and choose Campaign Responses from the Campaign record's associated menu.




This is where you can see each posted Campaign Response related to the CRM Campaign.


Open the Campaign Response records to see the details.


Feature Added: October 2016
Feature Updated: 8.7
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
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