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ClickDimensions provides a feature called Profile Management which is used to prepopulate forms with a Lead or Contact's preexisting data. This is a useful feature, but if you are sending a very large Email Send, it is possible that some recipients may receive your email and click a link to a form before all of the recipients' data has been queued for prepopulation. To account for this, we have introduced an entity called Profile Management Data Sync. A Profile Management Data Sync record can be used to specify one or more marketing lists of recipients and sync data from their records before the Email Send is sent out. This ensures that no matter how many recipients you send to, profile management forms will always be prepopulated for them when they receive your email. The use of this entity is not required in order to user our Profile Management functionality, it is only intended to expedite the syncing process for customers who send to a larger number of recipients at once.

NOTE: This feature is only available for CRM 2013+ environments. NOTE: Only the default System Administrator and ClickDimensions Service security roles include the necessary permissions to create a Profile Management Data Sync record. If you do not have one of these roles, you will need to ask your administrator to assist you.

To create a new Profile Management Data Sync record, begin by navigating to Marketing > Profile Management Data Sync, then click New.

PMDS navigation

To begin, name the new record and provide an email address to which a notification will be sent when the data sync is complete. Save the record, then you will be able to add marketing lists and specify which Lead and Contact data should be synced for prepopulation.

PMDS record name and notify email

The rest of the fields in this section will all be populated automatically after initiating the data sync. The data found in these fields is as follows:

  • Data Sync Started: the time at which the data sync began
  • Data Sync Completed: the time at which the data sync was finished
  • Data Sync status: this field will update when the record is refreshed. It indicates the current status of the data sync, such as In Progress and Completed.
  • Contact Records Synced: The number of Contact records whose data was synced. This should correspond to the number of Contacts in the marketing lists associated with the Profile Management Data Sync record.
  • Lead Records Synced: The number of Lead records whose data was synced. This should correspond to the number of Leads in the marketing lists associated with the Profile Management Data Sync record.
  • Errors: will provide a count of how many errors, if any, were encountered when attempting to sync Lead and Contact data.

Next, click the + button above the Marketing Lists iFrame to open a lookup menu which will allow you to specify which marketing lists should have their recipients' data synced. Under Fields to Sync, a list of all of the available fields on the Lead and Contact entities in your CRM will be available. Scroll through these lists and select any fields whose data should be synced.

PMDS fields to sync

Once all of the desired fields have been selected, click the Start Sync button at the top of the record.

start sync button

You will receive an email when the sync has completed. Any time after that, feel free to send your email. The ClickDimensions Error Trace can be used to see if any errors pertaining to syncing profile management data occurred.

Feature Added:8.5
Feature Updated: 8.5
ClickDimensions Version Needed: 8.5
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