The Image Map Editor

The Image Map Editor lets you link certain parts of an image instead of the entire image. You can also link multiple areas of the image to different places. This tool is available in the Block and Freestyle Email Template Editors.

Open the Image Map Editor

First click the image in the template and then press the Image Map Editor Button.


Choose a Shape

Choose Rectangle, Circle, or Polygon depending on the shape you want.


Then simply click and drag over the area you want to link. Once you're happy with your shape, input your URL in the URL field.


Link Multiple Areas

You can click different shapes and add multiple clickable hotspots as you see fit.


Remove a Selection

To remove a hotspot, just click on it and then click the cancel icon.


Just press OK  and you're done!

Feature Added: 4.2.0
Feature Updated: 6.5.1
ClickDimensions Version Need: 3.3.0
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