Introduction to Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing Used for?

Email marketing is a way to send emails to your customers or clients in order to maintain or foster interest in your product or service. Examples of email marketing include newsletters, special offer messages, and instructional or automated emails. With ClickDimensions, you can track information about how your customers or clients interact with your emails such as how many times they open a message and which links they click on. Using such information can help you determine which contacts or leads have the most interest in your company. You can also design your own email templates, receive email statistics, and manage subscription lists. 

While it is not mandatory, we recommend you set up your CNAMEs so that your domain will be shown on any emails you send through ClickDimensions. For more information on this process, please click here.

How to Set Up Email Marketing

Set Up Steps
  1. Email Quick Start Guide
  2. Create an Email Template
    1. Drag and Drop Editor
      1. Add Image
      2. Add Text
      3. Personalization
      4. Social Sharing Block
      5. Social Links Block
      6. Hyperlink Manager and Anchors
      7. Hover Menu - Lock, Clone, and Delete Blocks
      8. Pull Elements In From a Web Page
      9. Preview
    2. Block Editor Layout
    3. Free Style Editor
    4. Custom HTML Editor
    5. Text Version of an Email Template
  3. Send an Email Template
    1. Add Recipients
    2. Edit Template in an Email Send Record
    3. Test Email
    4. Send Email
  4. Email Tracking, Statistics, Graphs, and Events
    1. Sent Email Send
    2. Email Send Statistics Graphs
    3. Email Send Sent Email Statistics
    4. Email Send Social Statistics
    5. Email Send Email Events
    6. Email Send Click Report
    7. Email Send Export Statistics Report
    8. Email Statistics: Email Clients
    9. Email Statistics: Conversions
    10. Email Statistics: Click Report
    11. Email Statistics: Recipients
    12. Email Statistics: Click Heat Map
Additional Functionality & Information:
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