Notifying Website Visitors About Tracking

Some countries and jurisdictions require websites to notify visitors about the types of tracking technologies used on the website and by the website owner. ClickDimensions has developed an example script that will show an alert to a website visitor to notify them about tracking. You can use this sample script by copying it to your own web site and modifying the language that is contained in the script.

NOTE: ClickDimensions does not make any warranty about whether or not the use of this script or our website analytics conforms with your regional privacy laws. ClickDimensions provides a technology that we believe is respectful of individuals' privacy, but it is up to the end user to implement the technology in a manner that conforms with applicable law in your jurisdiction. For more information about ClickDimensions' privacy, read our privacy statement and download our white paper on web tracking:

The script is located at See the screenshot below for an example of how the script works.


View the HTML that was used in the example screenshot above: tracking-cookie-alert

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