Identifying Anonymous Visitors

When someone visits your website for the first time, we create what is called an Anonymous Visitor record. We log their IP address and sometimes their location, but for the time being we know little else about them. We track Anonymous Visitors over time and can see which pages they view and assign scores to them. However, we can also get more information on these visitors including their name and email address, and we can even recognize them as leads or contacts in your CRM. This process is called Identifying Anonymous Visitors and there are two different ways to enact it. Both ultimately rely on identifying the visitor's email address and associating it to a cookie in their browser. 

Option 1: Submitting a Form

If someone fills out a ClickDimensions form or a Form Capture and supplies their email we will identify them. First, we will check to see if there is already a lead or contact in your CRM with their email address. If there is, we will tie their record with their IP address and track them that way. If not, we will create a new lead or contact record (depending on your preference) with the submitted information.

NOTE: If no email address was supplied while submitting the form, we will try to associate the submission with the cookie in the browser from their visit.
NOTE: Surveys and Subscription Pages can also form an association between an email address and an IP address, which could result in a new lead or contact record. However, if a new lead or contact record is created that way, it will only be able to supply the email. This is due to the nature of Surveys and Subscription Pages. (Survey answers cannot be mapped to lead or contact records and Subscription Pages only take in subscription preferences.) Therefore, we recommend you do not rely on either to identify anonymous visitors.

Option 2: Clicking on a Link in an Email

If someone clicks on a link in an email that directs them to a page on your site that is being tracked via the ClickDimensions Tracking Script, we will be able to associate their IP address to their email. (The link in the email has their email address encoded in it.) It will also check first for a current match. Since you sent an email through ClickDimensions to this Lead or Contact, the email address should already be in your CRM. Therefore, the email recipient will become identified on your website by just clicking the link in your email.

Once we identify an Anonymous Visitor, all the tracking that was tied to the Anonymous Visitor will be properly associated with their lead or contact record. This includes their score, page views, etc. The now-inactive Anonymous Visitor record will also be associated with the identified lead or contact and will be accessible from the lead or contact's related record menu.

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