Tracking Multiple Websites with the ClickDimensions Tracking Script

ClickDimensions can be set up to track multiple websites as easily as it can be to track one. Tracking additional sites can be accomplished through the following steps:

This article discusses tracking a second website, but the method here can be applied to as many extras sites as you need to track.

Tracking a Subdomain

You can easily track subdomains with us. (Subdomains are sections of your site hosted at a URL Examples for us include,, etc.) You do not need to create a new domain record for each subdomain--it will work off your main domain record. You will also not need to change anything in your tracking script; it should reference your main domain.

Tracking Other Domains

Create a domain record for the second site that you want to track. First, create a domain record for the second website that you want to track by navigating to Settings > ClickDimensions > Domains, then clicking new and filling out the blank domain record. Domain records are used in conjunction with the ClickDimensions tracking script to track web events. Instructions on how to set up a domain record can be found here.  

If you intend to use any web content, such as forms or surveys, on your second website, and you want to mask links in them so that they appear to come from your site instead of ClickDimensions, you will also want to create a sub domain alias to use with the site. Instructions on how to set up the sub domain alias can be found here.

domain record

Add the tracking script to the second site Next place the tracking script on the second site. The tracking script can be found at Settings > ClickDimensions > ClickDimensions Settings > Tracking Script. Instructions on how to add the tracking script to your site can be found here.

Replace the domain in the tracking script with the domain for your second site.

By default, the domain in the tracking script will be the domain for your primary website. Replace the domain in the tracking script in the line


with the domain name from the domain record that you created for your second website.


new tracking script

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