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From the Participants tab, you can see the status of the individual within the Campaign Automation. This will list the individual as Running, Paused, Error Recovery, Failed, Completed, or Stopped. Below is a list of what each of these statuses means:

Running The participant is actively progressing through the Campaign Automation
Paused The participant’s progress in the Campaign Automation has been temporarily halted. Setting the status back to Running allows them to continue where they left off.
Error Recovery The participant ran into an issue that is preventing them from progressing in the Campaign Automation. While in Error Recovery, we will retry to move the participant forward 3 times.
Failed The error encountered in Error Recovery was not resolvable, so the participant will not progress further in the Campaign Automation. You can view the error from within the Participants tab of the builder under the Description column.
Completed The participant successfully reached the end of the Campaign Automation.
Stopped The Campaign Automation was cancelled for the participant. Resuming will make them restart from the beginning of the Campaign Automation.

Within the Participants tab, you will have the ability to select one or more participants and affect their progress through the Campaign Automation by pausing them, stopping them, or resuming them. You can only pause or stop a participant whose status is Running, and you can only resume a participant who is Paused. For example, you can select an individual or several individuals that are set as Paused and click Resume.

To Resume All, don't select any individuals and choose Resume All from the dropdown menu to the right of the Resume button.

If an error is encountered and Error Recovery was not resolvable, you can view the error within the builder's Participants tab, under the Description column by clicking the link to see the error message.


Feature Added: April 2016
Feature Updated: 8.4.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
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