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The Send Email action is used in campaign automations to send a ClickDimensions email to an individual lead or contact that is in a campaign automation. Actions are located within a series. To learn more about series and actions, read this article.

NOTE: The Send Email Action will check the values of the recipient's Do Not Allow Bulk Email field Do Not Allow Email field and will not send to them if the value of either field is set to Do Not Allow. It will also check to see if the recipient has a global unsubscribe record and will also not send to them in this case. However, the Send Email Action will not reference preexisting Subscription List preferences  because the email is being sent as a one-off email rather than being sent to a marketing list associated with a Subscription List.

To add the Send Email action, drag and drop it on the canvas. Click the node to edit the properties.

The properties for the Send Email action are very similar to an Email Send. Here are the fields to enter:

Display Name (required): The display name is entered by default, however when you add the email template you want to send, the display name will automatically change to the name of the email template selected. You can also change the display name to anything you like.

Select Email Template (required): Use the lookup field to select an existing email template you want to send. For help on how to create an email template, start with this article.

Subject (required): This is the subject of your email. This field is populated automatically once you select the email template. You can also change it manually.

Preheader: This is the piece of text that appears under the subject line in your recipient's inbox preview. To learn more about the preheader, read this article. If the selected email template has a preheader, the preheader will automatically populate once the email template is selected.

From Record Owner: Check this box if you want the email's From Name and From Email Address to dynamically populate based on the owner of the contact/lead that receives the email.

From User: Use the lookup field to select a Microsoft CRM user. When you select a user, the From Name and From Email Address fields will automatically populate with the user's name and email address.

From Name (required): This is who your recipient will see as the sender of the email. You may enter a FreeMarker interpolation in this field, if desired.

From Email Address (required): This is the email address that will be listed as the sender's email address.  You may enter a FreeMarker interpolation in this field, if desired.

Reply To Email: If you don't want replies to your email to go to the From Email Address, you can enter an alternate email address here.  You may enter a FreeMarker interpolation in this field, if desired.

Email CNAME: A CNAME is a way you can brand certain links when using ClickDimensions.  If you require multiple email link brandings, you may choose to set up multiple email CNAMEs.  Learn more about setting up multiple email CNAMEs here.

NOTE: If you select an alternate Email CNAME that is later deleted from your CRM, ClickDimensions will revert to using the default Email CNAME listed in your DNS Settings of your ClickDimensions Settings for the Email Sends created by this step in your Campaign Automation.

Email Address Field: You can choose which Email Address field on the Lead or Contact record you'd like to send the Email Send to. By default, the Email Send will be sent to the Email Address 1 field on the Lead or Contact record, but you can change this to Email Address 2 or Email Address 3 if you would like.

Campaign: You can associate the Send Email action to a CRM Campaign. This means that all sent email records created from this action will appear under that CRM Campaign. If your campaign automation is associated with a CRM campaign record, this field will be populated automatically with the preselected campaign.

NOTE: If you select a CRM Campaign for this step in your Campaign Automation and the CRM Campaign record is deleted from CRM at a later time, this field will become blank.

Note: A note is an optional field for any details that need to be written about the action.

Feature Added: November 2015
Feature Updated: 8.6
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
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