Embedding ClickDimensions Forms or Tracking Script in Your Website's CMS

If you are using a content management system (CMS) to build your website (like SharePoint, ADX, Wordpress, Kentico, Joomla, Drupal, Sitecore, Radiant, or ExpressionEngine, among many others), you may have a question about how to embed a ClickDimensions form into a page using your CMS system, or how to add the ClickDimensions tracking script to your website. ClickDimensions provides a variety of ways to add our forms to your website, regardless of the CMS system you are using:

  • You can embed the form using an iframe
  • You can embed it using our widget code
  • You can download the HTML for the form from our Embed button and host it directly on your webpage, similar to Form Capture

Regardless of the CMS you use, the instructions regarding ClickDimensions will be the same, though you may need to install a component from your CMS provider to allow you to add iframes or javascript to a page on your website. All CMS systems will have different ways to add iframes or javascript to the webpages they produce, and you may need to do some research on which will work best for you.

NOTE: Please refer to your CMS provider's documentation for this, as ClickDimensions does not provide instructions for specific CMS systems.

We use Wordpress for this help site and our main corporate website, and use a number of different methods to embed forms. Different Wordpress themes handle embedded code differently, so you would need to check the documentation for the theme you are using to see if they have recommendations for the best way to use iframes or widget javascript for embedding. For example, as of this writing, the theme on our corporate website is Avada, and they have a Code Block content type that they provide that makes it easy to drop in the iframe or widget code for our forms, or even to drop in Form Capture HTML. We have also used the Wordpress plugin "Code Embed" to assist with embedding code.

If you use Form Capture instead of our form designer, then be sure to also have our tracking script on the page, below the form capture HTML. There are many ways to do this with Wordpress, but we have been using the AddFunc Head & Footer Code plugin. This plugin allows you to add header/footer code site-wide or to specific pages for the Avada theme and other Wordpress themes. For the ClickDimensions tracking script, simply copy/paste the script into the site-wide footer or the page-specific footer.

Your CMS may require a different method to add an iframe or javascript to your webpages and you should refer to your CMS provider's documentation for specific instructions. 

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