Introduction to Social Marketing

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Social Marketing with ClickDimensions allows you to create, schedule, and publish social posts all from within your Dynamics environment!

All ClickDimensions customers with a Standard subscription or above will be able to access Social Marketing with ClickDimensions as an embedded feature.  There is a possibility to upgrade to a higher tier of service which contains extra functionality. Contact your Account Manager at ClickDimensions to learn more about what is offered in these upgrade tiers.

To use this feature, connect your various social profiles, then you will need to set up a separate CNAME within your DNS host.  Once set up, it is easy to create, schedule, and publish social posts and report on the interactions, as well as tie these social marketing efforts to CRM Campaigns.  The following articles linked are designed to take you through this setup process, as well as explain how to fully utilize this feature!

NOTE: This feature is available for ClickDimensions version 8.8 and newer.

To set up the various social profile connectors:

  1. Set up Facebook Connector with Oktopost
  2. Set up Google+ Connector with Oktopost
  3. Set up LinkedIn Connector with Oktopost
  4. Set up Twitter Connector with Oktopost

Make sure to also setup a Social CNAME:

  1. Setup CNAME for Social Marketing

Start posting:

  1. Create a Social Post using ClickDimensions Social Marketing

To learn more about reporting on ClickDimensions Social Marketing:

  1. How to View Activity from Social Posts within CRM (track clicks from social posts)  

Feature Added: 8.8
Feature Updated: 8.8
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.8
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